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The Stalker’s Embrace

The horizon of the hill overlooking the plain stretches of dirt, remembering the unearthing of the world’s surface experienced in the First World War by man’s thirst for modernity and artillery. Here the ironic resemblance of tranquil nature to the feral state of war at the heart of civilization plays with itself. It is at this scene of the collapse of all major forms of civilization, all human reprogrammings of the Earth, and capitals game of incomprehension, that this hill glances at decay and rebirth. The Suns energy deposited as waste now flows through the metallic river streams, the background radiation, the birthing of life from molecules.  Shit constructed into life. It is between shit and death that the wondering wanderers roam the plains in search of expression despite survival.  Away from the detached systems of societies or money, the wandering wonderers seek freedom. As the collapse unfolded it took more and more of the world’s surface into its program. Cities – as the arteries of capital and civilization – were first to shift in the wind as new zones of fight. Many futures were tested and fought between the concrete slabs treading upwards towards infinity, and many powers of grandeur were spoiled onto the city streets.         

After the major States experienced the flow of becoming shit and human, all too human, capital accelerated into its desires of attainting its Outsideness. Capital ascended beyond the human connection into Axsys – capitalisms next phase – and became a cosmic constant which was no longer understandable to humans. A similar event happened to the wondering wanderers who felt the humanness decay off of their flesh, as the prism of humanity fractured into compost. Mankind was dead, and collapse set in. It is from here that the Stalkers, the Deckards, the anti-humanists, and the preppers collected a new flow out of the Sun, out of the Cosmos. That play between shit and life – between the earthly and the cosmic – is the coded message that the Post Office wants to relay.

This thirst of cybernetical systems is expressed in acceleration. Infinite oscillating intensities.

Creation is a cognitive spook, to create is to be born and to be born is extra-subjective. Not ours.

What the accelerative AI does, is continuously collapse planes of intensity back unto themselves. Reverberation. 

Collapse, gothic demolition, and supernovaeic eruption – these are the vital routes and expressions of living.

At the end of the Big Bang, when time reverses into its conception, intensity is the only thing kept congruent.

Intensity is bidirectional. Creation and destruction. It is the quality that paints contrast unto existence, from being to becoming.


We believe that institutions born of violence are maintained by violence, and will not give way except to an equivalent violence.

The Freedom of the Flesh

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We are Post-left Anti-Civ Anti-fascist Nihilists, Insurrectionary skin cyber-seceding towards machino-jouissance.


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