blue-light kisses | April Yu

Luca Morvillo via Pexels

in the blue-light glow of my lips,
i’ll stamp my kisses onto
read 11:11 pm
& remember how a sliver of
thinned moonlight caught your
fingers better than i.

remember this—
how pennsylvania plains unspooled
prostrate like a promise,
shadows hidden under the swells of my
breasts, pansies blooming
from your torn knees.

remember this—
split cuticles & burnt letters,
stars & negative space compressing
5’8 of blood oath and lie,
your face lost to-

i’ll lick the twilight breeze and
capture you on my tongue,
what, not who,
because selene knows how
hair and myth curl whisper-soft
in nyx’s bruised arms.

let me chase you through the
infinities of in-between, take a
every time you fly like a foal,
alcohol or bullets shaping flesh—
red and ribs every time.

how does the night covet?

will you find me in the
                                      belly of the dark?

April Yu is a teenage writer from New Jersey with an affinity for language, running, and human anatomy. Visit her on Instagram @aprilblossom and Twitter @aprilgoldflwrs.

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