Sunita Explains Why She Won’t Exorcise | Nina Miller

Ryan Miguel Capili via Pexels

I’ve been possessed since age six.
             Five insufferable years ago!

I passed his graveyard without holding my breath. Sucked him in.
             Moment still haunts me.

Old Cobb fought in the Great War; he knows things.
             Except how to escape.

Good grades and friendship! Love our tight bond.
             Mouse in a glue trap.

He’s fun, jumped into a puddle once, and splashed Mom completely. Told her Cobb made me; she accused me of lying.
             You were, I’m the scapeghost.

Cobb’s restless. Basically tries to make me drink holy water, but then who’d help me through middle school?
             Stranded in puberty purgatory.

Nina Miller is an Indian-American physician, fencer, and micro/flash writer. Find her on Twitter @NinaMD1 or

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