auburndale’s last poet | McKenzie Campbell

Вера Мезенкова via Pexels

-inspired by “Tulsa’s Last Magician” by Willi Carlisle

i can’t claim to be a magician
but i’ve been known to make magic with my words
and weave together illusions with my teeth

using letters and syllables like building blocks
in attempt to manipulate the meaning of life

to make those around me see what’s jumbled and tied
together by the sinew in my neck
preventing the words from slipping past my loom of a mouth

forced back down my throat, over my shoulders, down my arms
and out through my fingers as everything tightens
until the act of unleashing it through capillaries untangles

my thoughts are like the blood dripping from my fingers
to the keys, my words flowing out like the prayers used to

before the sinew tangled so tight that all thoughts
folded onto each other and believing and confusing
became intrinsically entwined

now, the only time i’m certain i’m religious
is when i hit submit on something i’ve worked
hard on that one day might pay my rent

it’s hard to tell a story when everyone thinks the same
and that’s why auburndale’s last poet left her home so fast

McKenzie Campbell is a recent college grad with a master’s in creative writing. She enjoys writing romance and horror. When she isn’t writing smut, she’s reading it. Twitter: @booksnbobbles

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