We Used to Make Things Happen | Mileva Anastasiadou

Paula Schmidt via Pexels

But now we wait. We went to parties and drank and danced, then we went home, we kissed, made love, and we’d pretend it’d be easy, to find love, because we knew how to make love out of nothing, we knew how to cook love and make it smell nice, like it’s the real thing, for we used to make things happen.

But now we wait. Things still happen, only we don’t make them, don’t urge them, don’t force them. Things till happen, but they’re not made up, blackmailed, imagined. We fall in love and we fall slowly, we wait for love, to grow, to bloom, and things still happen but happen slowly, and we find love, we find true love, through hardships, and we know now that when things happen, things also collapse and people vanish.

We used to make things happen, but we’ve grown old now. Things still happen, but we’ve grown so old, we wish they didn’t, we fear each time things happen, and we want to keep rolling, like this road never ends, like we can keep on moving forever, always staying afloat, alive, waiting for things to not happen, for this walk to not end.

Mileva Anastasiadou is a neurologist, from Athens, Greece and the author of “We Fade With Time” by Alien Buddha Press. You can find her on twitter: @happymil_

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