Two Ships | Nadia Saleh

via Pixabay

We argued about Keats
I could not be convinced that a Grecian urn was more worth
An ode than melancholy, my sweet melancholy
That which has been haunting me for months

I bought you the Rilke so you’d think of me
Alongside your beloved poetry
I hope your memories are colored
With humid sunlight and full-moon shadows
Mine will be, summer camp sweetness on my tongue
Something to hold close, something to lament

We weren’t just two ships that passed in the night
You’re an ark, loaded two by two with unknown damage
And I’m a patched-up schooner, back on the waves once more
You left without saying goodbye, so this is mine
Maybe I’ll write another ending to this poem one day

Nadia Saleh is a Romantic romantic from southern California. Her work can be found at Moonflake Press, Lavender Bones, and On the Run, among others. Follow her on Twitter @ghost_nadia

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