throb | Cary Shaw

Pille Kirsi via Pexels

oh fuck standards and fuck you
-go-right i-go-right we’ll pass without fanfare,
fuck inconspicuity, fuck
the ones who want us to embrace our world less, not more,
if we pass in the street ask me to dance or die here, i will
rub flower petals across my cheekbones,
i will sift flour with my fingers / i will shut my eyes with music all the way up /
i will yell the words like
we wrote them /
we are sound itself. cartwheel down the sidewalk
into my arms, give
give give until you will let
each day dissolve on my tongue like candy,
raspberry in october, heart
-throb in june, blue on gray wall, breaking crust smell, orgasm / a dream
just human: jump
from the swing set,
feel yourself fly.

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