T50 | Lev Verlaine

Brett Sayles via Pexels
Heavy chested again
I need a lie down. 
The sun rings come down over my eyes in 
white light and I swing them from my hips like hoola hoops. 
I dreamt I was scraping my teeth together until I could spit out the shards.
I turned the waves and looked out on
the all-encompassing, oh-so-distant earth. 

The August love is unattainable. 
                 Sun´s burnt too gold and now my world´s sat in the shadow of a fire. 

       Everyone goes about their own routine with closed eyes and equal presence 
       and I can't stop watching. I dread when I start to notice someone.
Sucker for love and circus. 

Let me turn you to honey-
Consuming your affections in degustation. 		Aching to eat him to the marrow. 

Now my hand flicks the blade that 
carved the walls of childhood bed scenes. 
I'm sitting on summer´s edging with 
pant legs pulled from my feet, 
                 with heaven will wait. 
Lay flat afloat the water. 
       some love-sick kid.	

Innately human
to not be a holy one. 
You cut a clementine with my pocket knife. 
And I´m cutting knuckles for bodily metamorphosis. 

Lev Verlaine is a trans poet based in Washington state. His works have appeared in Querencia Press and Verge Journa. He can be found on instagram @/ casua1haunt and tumblr @/ mutualantagonism

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