Celebrity’s Will / Frank William Finney


Photography: “Crown” by Astrid Heggem

Send my brothers the rest of my suits;
My sister, the towels and whatever
surviving pets she might like.

Divide the children
among the houses and land.

When the ashes are ready,
throw them off the Golden Gate.

For years and years,
I dreamt I jumped.

Better late than never.

Frank William Finney was born in Massachusetts and educated at the University of Massachusetts and Simmons Col-lege Graduate Studies. HIs work has appeared in such publications as RE:AL—The Journal of Liberal Arts (Texas), The Maryland Poetry Review, (USA), Orbis: an international quarterly of poetry and prose (UK), Paris/Atlantic (France), Offerte Speciale (Ita-ly), The Nation (Thailand), and The Best of the Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Australia). He currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand, where he is a senior lecturer at Thammasat University.

Astrid Heggem is an 18-year-old Norwegian girl who has been interested in photography and writing for many years. She currently attends a photography Folk Col-lege in Norway. Find her on Instagram at @lotustrid.